Opioid Deaths Are Now More Common Than Car Crash Deaths In America

Americans are now more likely to die from opioid abuse than car crashes. New data from the National Safety Council (NSC) shows that the rate of opioid deaths has increased to 1 in 96 people, which is more than the 1 in 103 people who die from car crashes. Opioids, over the years, have been […]


Vivitrol For Opioid And Alcohol Dependency

vivitrol chemical

One of the major challenges drugs and alcohol addicts face is maintaining abstinence after detoxification. The cravings for the substance they’re trying to become free of sometimes get the better of them and they end up going back to abuse the substance, making their recovery attempt futile. As a result, health care professionals are providing […]


Methamphetamine Addiction

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Methamphetamine is a strong stimulant crystal white bitter-tasting drug often known as meth, speed, chalk, ice, pure, crank, yaba, tina, etc. Meth crystal is a more concentrated glass-like type of methamphetamine drug that is used to enhance or ignite energy, it is mostly used in the club or parties. Methamphetamine can be instantly addictive upon […]


Opiate Addiction: Global Epidemic  

opioid epidemic

It’s no secret that opioid addiction has spread rampant throughout the United States. According to the Center for Disease Control “Drug overdose is the leading cause of death in Americans under 50.” The U.S. is the leader in consumption and abuse of opioids, however this is not an isolated crisis. The battle against opiate abuse […]


Lake Worth: The Sobriety Hotspot in South Florida

It is no secret that some of the best sobriety in the country is to be had in Southern Florida. With lauded treatment centers spanning the coast from Palm Beach to Ft. Lauderdale, recovery centers- and their successful clients, inhabit the sunny state, particularly in Lake Worth, Florida. With a number of rehabs in Lake […]