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heroin addiction and signs

Understanding Heroin Addiction

Heroin is an extremely addictive illicit opioid. At a chemical level, it is similar to morphine and other painkillers that many people get prescriptions for in a doctor’s office. Unfortunately, many people who become addicted to painkillers turn to heroin as their addiction progresses. The affordability, high potency, and lack of need for a prescription […]

addiction and families

How Addiction Affects Loved Ones

Actions of a person who is addicted to drugs and alcohol not only hurt themselves, but it devastates the people who are closest to him or her. Addiction can take a serious toll on friends, family, coworkers, and anybody else who is close to the addict. As a result, relationships are damaged and trust is […]

psychotherapy drug rehab

Behavioral Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Comprehensive addiction treatment utilizes a variety of behavioral therapies to treat substance use disorders. In order to make this treatment most effective, they are held in different treatment settings. These include group therapy, individual therapy, and family therapy. After all, addiction affects people’s minds, their interpersonal relationships, their families, and more.    Addiction is a […]

helping addicted loved one

7 Ways To Motivate A Loved One To Go To Rehab

There are not many situations more painful than witnessing someone you love struggle with addiction. Convincing your loved one to go to rehab can feel like a seemingly insurmountable challenge. Your loved one is most likely oblivious to the potentially fatal consequences of his/her addiction. Your loved one may be struggling to fully admit they […]

holistic therapy south florida rehab

The Role of Holistic Therapy in Addiction Treatment

A good addiction treatment center knows the importance of promoting a stable, healthy life. Addiction negatively impacts all aspects of life, making it important to implement healthy habits into a sober lifestyle. While traditional treatment methods serve a crucial purpose in rehab, holistic therapy does as well.    Holistic therapy helps people recover from addiction […]