Opiates And The Struggles of Pain Management

national opioid epidemic

Tens of millions of people struggle with pain management issues. Some have back issues, others are recovering from surgery or have been in a painful car or work-related accident. No matter what the issue is, it is impacting their lives in a negative way. They may find it difficult to complete even the easiest tasks, […]


Trauma and Addiction: Does One Cause Another?

In the world of addiction treatment, many centers also offer trauma treatment and recovery. This is because there is a disproportionate amount of addicts who have been impacted by traumatic experiences. In fact, research proves that trauma can activate survival oriented behaviors that lead to addiction. So what exactly is the trauma-addiction connection? While some […]


Misconceptions About Female Addicts

While addiction encompasses a wide range of common traits, many stereotypes still exist to suggest that addiction is somehow a male disease. Not only are those stereotypes inaccurate, they are harmful and can stand in the way of comprehensive female addiction treatment. So what do these misconceptions include? Well, one commonly touted stereotype is that […]


Where Willpower Fails

A lot of people resist modern treatment and psychotherapy and instead opt for willpower to suppress their addictive tendencies and neuroses. And while some of these people may be well-intentioned, studies are beginning to show that willpower alone doesn’t always do the job, especially when trauma and addiction are concerned. Trauma and addiction often occur […]


The Drug That’s Deadlier Than Heroin- Fentanyl Sweeps The Country

deadly drug fentanyl

Most people have some familiarity with the heroin crisis sweeping America, oftentimes a friend or a relative. But less people know of the newest drug to hit the streets and reignite the opiate crisis. This drug is fentanyl. And it is a leading cause of overdoses across the country. Fentanyl first rose to prominence in […]