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Lake Worth: The Sobriety Hotspot in South Florida

November 1, 2018

It is no secret that some of the best sobriety in the country is to be had in Southern Florida. With lauded treatment centers spanning the coast from Palm Beach to Ft. Lauderdale, recovery centers- and their successful clients, inhabit the sunny state, particularly in Lake Worth, Florida. With a number of rehabs in Lake Worth as well as IOPs in Lake Worth, there is great recovery to be had in the city.

“I had struggled to be sober in a number of cities- Philly, New York, Atlanta- finally, I bit the bullet and wound up in treatment in Florida. Though I was initially opposed to what I thought would be transplanting my life, I couldn’t be happier for the move to Lake Worth, Florida. I was able to undergo treatment and then live and work in the same area where I made all those sober contacts and first started this journey into recovery. It’s a really beautiful thing and I couldn’t imagine the sober life I now lead in Lake Worth in any other part of the country,” says Annah, a former cocaine addict, who moved to Florida two years ago to pursue treatment, and is now working at a prominent marketing agency in the area and continues to attend individual therapy at her addiction treatment center in Lake Worth.

Starting a new life where you’ve just attended substance abuse treatment works for a number of reasons. One, you’re getting away from the people, places and things that got you addicted in the first place.

“The first time I went to treatment, I went right back to Jersey after. I thought I had it all figured out- turns out I didn’t. I wound up back on dope and back in Florida within a year. I felt hopeless, and scared to move my life to Florida, but at that point, I really thought I would die if I stayed in Florida. Now I don’t look at it as a death sentence at all, I’m so happy I’m in Florida now. I’ve been able to advance in my career and social life, while still receiving services from the rehab in Lake Worth where I initially got sober. I would recommend trying to stay in the area- at least for a bit- to anyone that has found themselves in addiction treatment in South Florida,” says Mike, a former heroin addict, who now lives in the Lake Worth area.

Mike, and others have found it helpful to stay in South Florida due to the addiction treatment that the area encompasses. Even once you have left rehab or a partial hospitalization program in Lake Worth, you may find it helpful to continue individual or group therapy at the substance abuse treatment center in Lake Worth, of your choosing. Palm Beach County is a prime, and easy, place to stay involved in the recovery community. In Delray Beach alone, there are over 40 rehab centers throughout the city that treat many forms of addiction from alcohol, stimulants, opiates and prescription medications. Palm Beach County is also home to a wide variety of Twelve-Step meetings and support groups that serve many different populations. For example, there are 186 weekly Alcoholics Anonymous meetings which draw an estimated 5,000 people each week. Additionally, there are recovery-based radio stations and recreation and sports teams that people in recovery can participate in and enjoy.

In a study labeled, “Treatment barriers identified by substance abusers assessed at a centralized intake unit,” researchers administered a 59-item Barriers to Treatment Inventory (BTI) to 312 substance abusers at a centralized intake unit following assessment but before treatment entry to assess their views on barriers to recovery. Large barriers to recovery that were identified included: Negative Social Support, Fear of Treatment, Admission Difficulty, Time Conflict, Poor Treatment Availability, and more.

Being in an environment like South Florida’s recovery community helps to alleviate some of those concerns, namely those regarding admission difficulty and poor treatment availability. South Florida has the largest concentrated group of rehabs and addiction treatment centers, many centered around Lake Worth.

Negative social support is also a critique of many pathways to recovery, but is not a problem when pursuing sobriety in sunny Lake Worth, Florida.

“I knew no one upon coming to Florida, but after getting out of treatment I have really built a life here in Lake Worth. I was already integrated into meetings after attending rehab in Lake Worth, and from there, I was able to build a really great sober support system, which now includes my boyfriend and best friend. I’ve honestly never been happier, and it’s all thanks to attending treatment in Lake Worth,” says former alcoholic Bradley, who is now celebrating a year clean.

You deserve a life worth living- one with career advancement, deep relationships, and zero dependency on drugs or alcohol. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, call now to find the right Lake Worth addiction treatment center for you.