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Methamphetamine Addiction

December 30, 2018

Methamphetamine is a strong stimulant crystal white bitter-tasting drug often known as meth, speed, chalk, ice, pure, crank, yaba, tina, etc. Meth crystal is a more concentrated glass-like type of methamphetamine drug that is used to enhance or ignite energy, it is mostly used in the club or parties.

Methamphetamine can be instantly addictive upon first use, this is because it causes the brain to produce a high level of serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline. It gives a heightened sense of pleasure, confidence, fulfillment, happy mood and overall increased energy. This can last up to anything from six hours to 24 hours. However, after the ’high’ comes a meltdown which lasts for days, making the person weak, sad, and worse off than before using the drug. Most people who use methamphetamine for the first time use another dose of methamphetamine to improve the situation, and that’s how they almost immediately become addicted to methamphetamine.


How Methamphetamine Is Used


  • By injecting dissolved methamphetamine powder (water or alcohol is used)

This increases the risk of contracting diseases such as HIV.

  • By swallowing

This can cause serious dental problems, one of which is meth mouth.

  • By snorting

This can damage the nasal cavities which can lead to a sinus infection.

  • By smoking

This can destroy respiratory organs and cause lung problems.


Some people use methamphetamine with other drugs and this also complicates the side effects and increases the potential for overdose. However, the most dangerous way it is abused is by binging, which is called ”run” – they take small doses every few hours repeatedly for many days while hardly eating or sleeping. Often time, this doesn’t stop at all, methamphetamine users are almost always binging on methamphetamine and when they’re not, they’re probably looking for the drug. This is why it can lead to serious health damage, some of which are irreversible, within a few years of being dependent on it.

After some time of using methamphetamine repeatedly, the user will develop a tolerance for it, therefore, the user will have to increase the dose to get high, and as the user’s body continues to be more tolerant so does the dose increases. This is how dependency on and addiction to the drug forms.

People who are addicted to methamphetamine can’t help it, they need to use the drug any time they get the cravings, else they will experience withdrawal symptoms.


Effects Of Methamphetamine


There are short-term and long-term effects of using methamphetamine as well as the possibility of overdosing on it.

Short-term: decreased appetite, insomnia, hyperactivity, irregular heartbeat, methamphetamine overdose, faster breathing.

Long-term: depression, unhealthy weight loss, anxiety, hallucination, delusion, paranoia, lack of focus, cognitive disorder, aggressiveness, skin sores, confusion, etc.

Methamphetamine Overdose: heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, and death.

The health care sector has proven that the best treatment for methamphetamine addition/dependency is behavioral therapy, with the help of a reputable addiction center, everyone stands a chance of living a sober life free from dependency.