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The Role of Holistic Therapy in Addiction Treatment

A good addiction treatment center knows the importance of promoting a stable, healthy life. Addiction negatively impacts all aspects of life, making it important to implement healthy habits into a sober lifestyle. While traditional treatment methods serve a crucial purpose in rehab, holistic therapy does as well. 


Holistic therapy helps people recover from addiction in miraculous ways. It introduces healthy coping skills and aligns the mind, body, and spirit that have been interrupted by addiction. By bringing the entire body into balance, holistic treatment helps mend the wounds inflicted by addiction. The best part of holistic therapy is that it is extremely versatile. There are a wide variety of exercises that an individual can choose from. As a result, each person can find activities that best suit his or her unique needs. 


What is holistic therapy?

Holistic therapy uses alternative methods to help prevent and treat disease. In addition, holistic medicine can help promote optimal health and well-being. In a less conventional sense, holistic health enhances the flow of energy throughout the mind, body, and spirit. 


While traditional treatment methods utilize behavioral therapies like CBT and DBT, a holistic approach offers alternative activities that can serve as coping mechanisms, help individuals express emotions, and promote self-reflection. This approach is based on the belief that love and support is the most powerful source of healing. 


The principles behind holistic medicine are: [1]

– Patients are people, not their disease

– Every person has innate healing powers

– Healing requires a team approach that addresses all aspects of a person’s life

– Treatment focuses on treating the root causes of conditions rather than symptom management


What role does holistic therapy play in recovery?

Holistic therapy has become increasingly popular among addiction treatment centers in South Florida over the last few years. A holistic approach can help individuals from the moment they enter detox throughout the entirety of their recovery. 


Addiction is a complex, threefold disease that can create dissociation between the mind, body, and spirit. Recovery, on the other hand, involves strengthening the connection of mind, body, and spirit. As a result, holistic therapy is uniquely qualified to treat addiction. A person who utilizes a holistic approach will find that he or she has the tools necessary to become a happy, healthy, sober individual. After all, that is the ultimate goal of recovery. 


What are some examples of holistic therapy?


Meditation involves bringing awareness to the present moment by practicing mindfulness. While in this meditative state, a person observes his or her thoughts, sensations, and surroundings without judgment. Bringing awareness to passing thoughts and sensations is therapeutic as it can help a person gain insight and self-awareness. 


The principle of self-awareness can help a person improve impulse control. As a result, mindful meditation can be a useful tool to help prevent relapse and cope with cravings. In addition, studies have found that daily meditation can help improve memory, build empathy, reduce stress, and help individuals develop a stronger sense of self.[2]



Yoga involves the use of postures and stretching to reduce stress, alleviate pain, and treat anxiety and depression. This is beneficial in addiction recovery because addiction is known to increase the brain’s stress response, which can lead to unpleasant emotions and possible self-medication. 


Studies have found that yoga effectively regulates cortisol and adrenaline, the hormones that control stress.[3] Consequently, lowered stress levels mean there will be a lower compulsion to abuse drugs and alcohol. Practicing yoga on a regular basis can also help boost mental health, making yoga an invaluable tool for people in recovery. 


Equine Therapy

Equine therapy, or horse-guided interactions, can help people in recovery identify their emotions. After all, horses can sense human emotion faster and more accurately than humans can. Horses can then mimic these feelings, allowing individuals to connect with their hidden emotions. In the end, individuals will find that equine therapy can help them reconnect with themselves on a deeper level. 


Art and Music Therapy

When a person is used to numbing his or her emotions by abusing substances, it can be difficult to express these emotions. However, music and art therapies can help clients identify and connect to emotions on a personal level. In addition, music and art can also promote creativity and free self-expression, which are all vital tools in addiction recovery. 


Recreational Therapy

Recreational therapy can refer to exercise, sports, outdoor activity, dance, drama, community outings, and more. The goal of a recreational approach is to boost physical, mental, and emotional well-being by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.


Another important aspect of recovery is learning how to rebuild one’s leisurely life. Recreational therapy can introduce clients to healthy activities that can contribute to a healthy lifestyle and allow individuals to connect with other people in recovery. 


How does Truth Recovery Center utilize a holistic approach?

At Truth Recovery Center, we know that addiction is a three-part disease – so we treat it as such. Our treatment programs provide clients with an opportunity to leave a lifetime of addiction and relapse in the past while they move forward into long-term sobriety. 


We provide personalized drug and alcohol treatment programs in a relaxing environment. Our residential, outpatient and sober living programs combine treatment methods to address the needs of our clients’ bodies, minds and spirits to increase the success of long-term recovery.


Our Therapy Modalities Include:

– Yoga Therapy

– Art Therapy

– Recreational Therapy

– Music Therapy


Holistic therapy is most effective when it is used hand in hand with behavioral therapies and traditional treatment methods. To make our addiction treatment program most effective, we utilize comprehensive integrated treatment that focuses on treating all aspects of the individual. 


If you are ready to begin your journey to recovery with evidence-based treatment methods, contact the addiction specialists at Truth Recovery Center today. 



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